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Useless information about the random obsessions of our family.....

  • Rob - Loves to play Eve in all his none existent spare time.  Rob remains busy working for Mission Health Services and running Servaltech on the side.  He squeezes in time with the 12 and 13 year old scouts at church in his schedule somewhere as well.
  • Jessi - remains busy working for the State of Utah and shuttling the kids to their various destinations in the evenings.  Craig did talk her into taking Karate with him at WestWind Karate School and she is really enjoying it.
  • Craig - Is practicing his skills for yellow belt in Karate and is hoping to active his yellow belt in 2010.  He has been at WestWind Karate since October 2009 and loves his Karate Instructor Mr. K and loves his Karate days.  Craig is in first grade and is an excellent reader.  He loves school and thinks his teachers are awesome.  He also still loves all things transformers, Star Wars, Lego, and GI Joe right now.
  • Callie -  Callie started ballet classes in October 2009 at Linda Fenton Dance Studio.  She had her first mini preformance on Dec 18, 2009 for the parents.  (Watch video here.)  She loves dancing and thinks her teacher, Ms. Jill is wonderful.  She enjoys dressing up like a princess.  She loves all things princess and strawberry shortcake right now.  She also loves trying to be like her big brother (which means she drives him nuts half the time).
  • Quincy - aka: Megatron (or other random bad guy) is busy destroying the universe and when the kids are distracted he commences eating everything in site (including things they are holding) and then sleeping it off.
  • Koda - is trying to remain vigilant in her fight to rid the world of everything that moves and still thinks Chihuahuas rule the world.
  • Sheba remains committed to staying hidden at all times anyone but Rob is around.
  • Toss - continues to find creative ways to hide from all things Koda and Callie.  He spends his free time driving Rob crazy.

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