Month: October 2011

Oh Halloween how we love you

 - by Hooper Family

A holiday that involves nothing more then dressing up however your heart desires and amassing/eating more sugar then you need- ever, that is our kind of holiday.

We went to our karate school’s annual Halloween party Friday night.  Callie won “cutest costume” this year.  We need to work on that girls humility.  When she came back to show me her prize she proudly declared “This means that I am the cutest person at this party.”  Guess my baby does not lack for self-confidence, but we already knew that around here.  We think that the last minute addition of the frying pan to her costume pushed her over the edge on the cuteness scale to help her win.

We took the kids to Boo at the Zoo again too.  One of their favorite Halloween time activities each year.  Craig, being Craig, decided that since he does not like Chick-fil-a (whose kid is he anyway) and since he was a Master Sergent in the Army and appropriately armed, he would “shoot” the Chick-fil-a cow while we waited in their line to get candy.  Unfortunately I was not prepared with the camera right then and was laughing to hard after to get a picture but when we got home we noticed I did catch him getting ready to “shoot” another cow in the back at the string cheese booth.  (Don’t worry Callie hugged it out with both cows so no fake cows were hurt in the making of this post.)

We dragged Jeanne and Jordan along to the Zoo with us (kicking and screaming all the way).  Thanks for hanging with us.  We bumped into the Wochnick’s too.  Their kids looked smurftastic.  (Look Rob and Jeanne match.)

We swung by Jasmine’s work to go to their Halloween party and the kids got their faces painted to match their costumes (had lots of other fun too).  Thanks Jaz for inviting us.

Oh Halloween.  How we will miss you once tomorrow has past.