Month: September 2011

Remembering Teaching

 - by Hooper Family

I took the kids to the Utah Healing Field today before church.  I wanted them to see and understand what happened to America ten years ago.  There is a flag set up (with names attached) for each person that died on September 11, 2001.

Seeing the enormity is overwhelming no matter how many years I have come to this memorial.  We saw this man.  He was playing Amazing Grace.  I cried a little.  The kids sat in silence and listened.

There was also tributes to the Utahns that have given their lives in the war in the 10 years since that terrible day.

For my kids this is a part of history.  Something that happened before they were born.  Hard for them to understand.  For me- I wont forget that morning waking up to a changed nation.  A different America then the one I grew up in.