Month: March 2011

For Jules and Gail and Dede

 - by Hooper Family

I have been trying to get into better shape over the past year.  I have been going to Karate two to three days a week but felt like I needed something more in my routine.  So I decided to do a  Couch to 5K program.  That means I needed to signup up for a 5K.  I wanted my first 5K (Walk/Jog— so not up to running yet) to mean something to me.  And I wanted people with me at the race so that I stayed motivated/focused on actually getting there and doing it.  So I talked my wonderful husband and most of my sisters (and their spouses) into creating a team for the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City May 2011.

I personally chose to participate in this particular 5K because of the many women and men that are affected by breast cancer every year but especially because of three amazing women that I know personally that have had to fight their own battles with breast cancer.

One of my dear friends Dede (she is the receptionist at my office -we have worked together for 10+ years now) battled breast cancer and won several years ago.  Watching her courage and strength as she went through this battle was a sight to behold.  I am very glad to call her my friend and she is an amazing woman of strengh.

Then there is my AWESOME Mother-in-Law, Rob’s wonderful mother, Gail.  She is the BEST Mother-in-Law a person could have.  She fought against breast cancer and won in 2007.   We are so glad that our children got to keep their grandmother and have many more years to come to learn from her.  Gail is an amazing mother and grandmother and has been so supportive to us over the years.  So we are racing for her.  To honor her.

And then there is Julie.  My wonderful red-headed giver of candy and love.  Jules did not have an easy life before the cancer came and we lost her to it in April 2010.  It is still weird not having her around at all the family parties playing with the kids- sneaking them candy, spreading her love to all around her.  There will always be a hole in our family where she used to be in body and not just in spirit.  We are going to run for her too.  To honor the person that she was, the grace she fought with, and the memory she left behind.

Please consider donating to the Susan G Koman fight for a cure.  You can support our team by joining with us to Walk/Jog/Run the 5K with our team or with your monitary donation if you feel moved to do so by going to the following link  We appriciate any and all support for this amazing cause.


Jessica, Robert, Craig, and Callie