Month: February 2011


 - by Hooper Family

We have had some changes in our family that have helped me to reflect on beginnings over the last couple of months.

The last week of December my baby sister got married to a wonderful guy who if perfect for her.  My kids were happy to welcome Uncle Chris into the family.  Callie is a lot like Aunt Jasmine in looks and personality and she took to Chris pretty easily which goes to show that Aunt Jaz chose well for herself in the husband department.  Callie gives him two thumbs up and loves hanging with both of them.  She can’t wait to invite herself over for a sleepover at their new apartment.

It has been great to see the woman my crazy, emotional, loving baby sister is becoming now that she has started her own new little family with Chris.  We love you Jaz and Chris!  The wedding was beautiful.

It was a little intense going from being so happy with the beginnings that a wedding brings into our family- when a few short weeks later there was a mixture of sorrow and some joy for the journey my grandfather took.  I am happy that he is free from a body that was weak and failing but can not image a life without him in this world.

On January 19, 2011 my grandfather, Joe Spencer Keys, passed away and began his own new journey in the next life with our Father in Heaven.  It has been weird knowing that he is no longer here to be a cheerleader and friend as I move through this life.

My Grandpa Joe was an amazing man.  He has been the best example to me of unconditional love that I have ever know.  He has supposed all his grandchildren no matter what they have chosen to do with their lives or what path they have stumbled down.  I always knew that my Grandpa loved me and was proud of me regardless of the mistakes I made.  He has always wanted us to be happy but also understood that we had to make our own ways in the world and do what felt right to us.  That’s what I want to do for my own kids and my future grandkids.  To be a haven in the world for them where they are always loved and encouraged but free to just be themselves without conditions or judgements about whatever that is.  If I can be even half the person my grandpa has been then I am on the right track.

Change always happen and life is a series of beginnings but that does not mean we have to like them all….