Month: June 2010

Attack of the Barbies

 - by Hooper Family

Miss Callie Jo our beautiful baby girl turned four years old today.  We had a fun little party for her and for Aunt Jasmine and Uncle Patrick’s birthdays at Grandma’s house on Sunday.  Of course the party had to have a pinata (ask Callie how we got the candy into the burro pinata…. she would love to tell you…).

Callie's 4th Birthday 021

She came home with nine new Barbie dolls.  We have definitely entered the Barbie phase of existence at our house.  This is her haul from the party alone.  This pile does not include all the Princess Barbies and other Barbies she has already collected for Christmas and rewards.

Callie's 4th Birthday 043

Callie dressed up in her I am 4 dress today and took treats to her friends at daycare.  Then after Rob and I got done at work Callie picked McDonald’s as the birthday dinner place to be.  Yum, Yum…..

Callie's 4th Birthday 047

She is not exclusive in her toy choices so I made she a dress based on her other love Strawberry Shortcake complete with Strawberry’s green and white leggings.  (All the dresses in this post were ones I made for her… you can get the pattern over at Lil Blue Boo for two of the three dresses.  The third (purple polka dot)  is just a variation of a pillowcase dress).

Callie's 4th Birthday 029

All in all Callie says she had a good birthday and wants to say “Thank you, thank you and I love you” to everyone that sent her birthday wishes and presents.

And all things considered we think we are pretty lucky to be blessed with Miss Callie Jo as part of our family.  We love her and most of the time want to keep her (the other times we just ship her to grandma’s house…..).

We love you Callie Jo.  Happy Birthday.