Month: January 2010

So I have been in the mood….

 - by Hooper Family

For some reason I have felt like sewing this month (using up all that spare time I should spending cleaning up my house).  I found a couple of really cute clothing patterns created by Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo that I purchased off her etsy site.  I have been using them to make some fun shirts and dresses for Craig and Callie.  (If anyone has old t-shirts that they don’t want anymore I am willing to take them off your hands to make Craig and Callie more cute clothes out of recycled tees.)

Jan 2010 005

I used Ashley’s Sienna dress pattern to make this dress for Callie and I modified the pattern to make a shirt for Craig too.  Callie is liking all the new dresses she is getting out of this deal and Mommy is liking that dresses actually stay up on her (unlike most pairs of pants I have tried to buy her in the past two years….).

We also took the kids on a nice snowy hike this month for some exercise.  They seemed to have fun and we kept it short so they would not whine about the cold too much.  Callie even hiked in one of her new dresses.

Jan 2010 002

Hello 2010

 - by Hooper Family

So the kids have been trying to come up with their New Years Resolutions.

Craig has two of them: to earn his yellow belt in Karate in 2010 (I think I will copy this one since I am liking Karate as much as Craig) and to listen to Mommy when she is talking normal (cuz apparently my yelling gives him a headache— what a coincidence me having to yell at him to get him to do what I ask gives me a headache too….). 

Callie’s is to stop hitting and kicking her parents so much (valiant goal- I think).  Where she learned violence is the answer to her problems I have no idea but that child spends a lot of time in her bedroom because of it.

Here’s to a quieter and violence free 2010 in the Hooper house.