Month: December 2009

Santa is in the building

 - by Hooper Family

So we have ventured out to do more Holiday things then usual this year. We kicked it off (hahaha) with the WestWind Karate Christmas party on Dec 11th featuring Santa Claus. The kids had fun chatting with Santa Claus’s “helper” Santa and letting him know what they wanted for Christmas. I managed to convince them that Santa was going through hard economic times this year so they only had two items each on their “Santa” lists.


We followed that up with a Ward Christmas party the morning of Dec 12th featuring no other then Craig in the angel choir…. (notice the halo and the bored look on his face).  This is the first year he has made it on stage so yeah for progress….


I followed that up with an evening of The Forgotten Carols with Miss Jasmine (Thanks Jaz it was a great night).  Loved the songs as usual.

We were treated to a special ballet performance by Callie’s ballet class on Dec 18th (see video in separate post) and she dazzled.

On December 19th Miss Jasmine and I took Callie to the Mountain West Ballet’s The Nutcracker.  The Mountain West Ballet casts ballet students from a lot of the area dance school to preform in the various roles.  The woman that owns Callie’s dance school helped with the choreography for the show.  Callie loved it and even tried to dance along with the performers at the end.

After the ballet we grabbed Craig and the Bohannon family and headed out for the ZooLights at Hogle Zoo.  We had a lovely time looking at the lights and freezing our buns off.


Then on Dec 20th we headed downtown with Jasmine and Jared for some Temple Square Lights (aka freezing the buns off part two).  We had fun (even if Craig denies it) and we got to listen to the Christmas Story with the full size figures on display.


All in all we have had a busy and fun Christmas season and the kids can’t wait cuz Christmas is less then a week away……  more pictures to come of Christmas Day fun (I know I know everyone is waiting with baited breath).

Drum Roll Please

 - by Hooper Family

Performing for your viewing pleasure.  In her debut performance… Callie Jo in Ms Jill’s class performance of Holly Jolly Christmas. (Disclaimer: Craig was assisting with the video by constantly bumping my arm…. sorry it is so wobbily.)

Miss Callie Jo (there are two Callies in ballet class so ours goes by the stage name Callie Jo) was very excited for her first ballet performance ever for all the parents and siblings of Ms Jill’s ballet students in the 3-5 year old ballet class.  She entertained Craig and I with dance greatness on Friday Dec 18th.  Enjoy.

Callie Jo, Jasmine, and I also attended the Mountain West Ballet’s The Nutcracker on Saturday Dec 19th.  Callie was fascinated by the dancers and has vowed that she will one day dance on The Nutcracker stage.  Watch out world Callie Jo is coming at ya.