Month: September 2009

Heber Wells Robertson 25 Sept 1925- 05 Sept 2009

 - by Hooper Family


I loved my grandfather so very much.  He was always so loving and wonderful and encouraging to me.  I remember when I was in college.  I had an assignment for one of my human development classes to interview someone about their life.  My Grandpa Rob so very graciously let me sit and talk and learn from him all sorts of things about his life.  He did not try to sugar coat how it was to raise a family of nine with a wife that was sick for a lot of their time together or how had it was to lose my grandma much to soon and be widower.  He shared with me what it was like to to watch children and grandchildren grow up and make their own lives and their own choices that are sometimes difficult and not always what he would have wanted for them.  But always always still love them no matter what.  What it was like to remarry and help his family to accept and eventually welcome and love and cherish another woman as his wife.  I am so very blessed to know some of what the man my grandfather was from this long ago college assignment and from the many times over the years I have been blessed with opportunities to sit and talk or just watch him in action with his family… my family.

He was the center and the anchor of my mother’s family.  I think we will be lost for a little while as we try to figure out how to live in this life without him.  I have so many wonderful memories of him.  He was the man that sealed my wonderful Rob to me in the Jordan River LDS Temple ten years ago.  I remember right after he married us and we kissed- Grandpa looked a my new husband and told him— You can do better then that and made him kiss me again before saying that’s more like it… I remember watching him lovingly cradle my first born baby, one of his many great-grandchildren, like he was the greatest thing in the world.  And then watched him not quit three years later do it again with my second child.  I think even in the way he looked at us and our children as his grandchildren grew up and blessed him with great grandchildren, he was teaching us how important our family is.  How we can endure and survive so very much if we have a strong family around us to carry us through and to love us no matter what.  How we could see that love always reflected in his eyes. 


Grandpa Rob with Craig in 2003


Grandpa Rob with Callie in 2006 

Thank you grandpa Rob for being such a wonderful and loving patriarch in our family.  We will miss you so until we meet again on the other side.