Month: August 2009

The First Born

 - by Hooper Family

Our wonderful Mr Craig is six today.  Where has the time gone???  Six REALLY, really??

So we must stroll down memory lane with handsome pics of Craggie through the past six years….

Craig around a month old (and wearing my favorite outfit of all his baby clothes the frog prince… note the fab hat)


Craig as a studley one year old….


Ahhh the two year old year….


The three year old drool train boy…. (Dude this kid gave us like four and half years of drool)


Year four still so cute and already an excellent big brother….


Our awesome kindergartner is such a joy to have in our family (and so smart too)…


And now our little Craig has grown up so much already.  Starting first grade on his birthday (luckily for him it is just a meet his teacher day cuz he was going to call the person in charge if he had to go to school ALL DAY on HIS BIRTHDAY)….. Our fabulous wonderful smart funny awesome son.  Happy Birthday Craig.  We love you tons and are sooooo glad that you are a part of our family!!!!


I know I know… I am getting all sappy on you but hey it is my right as the mother to remind you all what a fabulous son I have on his birthday.