Month: June 2009

Happy Father’s Day

 - by Hooper Family

I just wanted to say that I love all the fathers in my life.  (And yes I know this is a day late.  I did not turn my computer on yesterday.) 

I am so grateful to have a father who loves me, supports me, has always done his best to support our family, and who has taught me how to be a have a sense of humor about life (and has learned to live around so so so many women).  Thank you Day– I LOVE YOU!!

I also want to say that I love my wonderful husband.  Rob you rock.  All the things that you do for our family is greatly appreciated.  We would be lost without you and I am proud to have you as the father of our children.  Thank you for supporting us, and loving us, and giving us a great example of what a husband and father should be. 

Both Rob and I also have great men in our lives in the form of our many Grandpas.  We would not be the people we are today without the many Grandpas who have helped shape our lives.  My Grandpas Joe and Heber have always been there when I needed them and have taught me so much about perseverance and dedication to ones family.  Rob’s Grandpas Tom and Hooper have all been fine examples to him and have helped him to grow into a great man, husband, and father. 

My brothers are fabulous men as well and will be great fathers someday (when they chose to take on that challenge).  I am so grateful for brothers that provide love and encouragement to my children.  

FATHERS ROCK and I love that I have great ones in my life!!!!


Our Baby Girl

 - by Hooper Family

Three years ago today our baby girl was born.  Lets take a look at how she has grown over the last three years she has been in our little family….

June 2006

Callie a few weeks old

June 2007

Callie turning one

June 2008

Callie turning two

And finally Callie in June 2009 (see how big she is now).  And if you ask her she is turning five so she can go to kindergarten like her big brother just did.

Princess Callie turning three

We love our wonderful, loving, crazy, beautiful, awesome Callie Jo.  We are so happy that she is a part of our family even when we don’t always seem like we like her very much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.  Happy Birthday Miss Callie Jo.

Agony… far more painful then yours

 - by Hooper Family

So yesterday Craig was happily going about his business as he enjoyed the first day of summer vacation.  We rode bikes and scooters, watched his favorite show on TV, played toys, etc.  He was having so much fun and it was a good day.  (This is what he told me as he recapped the night during our ER visit).  Right before bedtime Callie and Craig were watching TV while I finished making Jasmine’s skirt.  I hear a thud and then Craig comes running over with his hand to his head saying it “it hurts really bad Mommy”.  Callie had kicked him and he fell off the couch into the coffee table successfully splitting the back of his head wide open.  Now before Uncle Jere gets to quisey with the talk of blood gushing forth this was not a bleeder and we had minimal blood loss but a gaping hole in the back of Craig’s head that required more then a band-aid.  So Daddy consoled a distraught Callie and helped me get Craig into the car.  And off we went on our first ER adventure in the young lives of our kids.  (I am sure if they are anything like their Mommy there will be sequels to this trip.)

Craig was as brave as he could be while anticipating needles and the possibility of either stitches or staples to the back of his head.  He hates needles as much as Uncle Jere and Aunt Jacki.  The ER staff were very gracious and wonderful working with him and reassuring him.  (Plus we were only there a little over an hour… Yeah.)  He did freak out during the needle to numb the head wound and the irrigation of the wound process for the nurse who was working on him and EMT that kindly helped holding him still.  But of course the minute the doctor walked in to do the staples Craig acted as if he hadn’t a care in the world.  The Doctor told him it took seven staples to put his head back together and Craig was happy to know that his skull bone was undamaged and had done its job in preventing his brain from coming out of the cut in his head.  As soon as the stapes were done a nice hospital volunteer took a picture of Craig’s head so that he could see the stapes for himself.  That was all it took to turn this from tragedy to the coolest thing ever.  Craig CAN NOT WAIT to show as many people his battle wound as possible so here you unsuspecting victims go… Craig’s seven staples in all their glory……


 And lest any of you are concerned that Craig’s life is altered no this did not stop him from enjoying the Air Show today at Hill Air Force Base.  Now I know you all were soooo worried his whole life (or at least the next ten days) was tragically ruined by his baby sister.  So here is proof that on day one of staple head Craig we were off having fun.