Month: May 2009

Daddy did a naughty thing

 - by Hooper Family

So Rob decided to go for a bike ride while I was getting Craig ready for bed.  Craig looked over by our landing by our front door and noticed Daddy’s helmet sitting there.  So he picked it up to take it out to him before he left.  Well Rob was faster and already gone.  This made Craig all worried and distraught.  Because Daddy could be hurt and Craig did not know where he was to make sure he got his helmet on and was safe.  So he wanted to keep watch for Rob but it was already past his bedtime so I told him no.  Then Craig had to call him to see if he had his phone with him.  He left a voice mail telling him that he was naughty and that it was dangerous to ride a bike without a helmet and asked where he was.  Then he laid in bed worrying about Rob until he got home and came in to check in.  Craig made him promise to never ride a bike without a helmet again because he does not want to worry about him.

Now who is the parent in this house???  It was too cute.  One of the many reasons I love our son.  He is so loving and concerned about those he cares about.

Happy Mother’s Day

 - by Hooper Family

I just wanted to say that I love all the mothers in my life. 

I am so grateful to have a mother who loves me, supports me, does countless things for me (even when it is not convenient for her), and who has taught me how to be a kind, loving, and selfless mother myself.  Thank you Mom– I LOVE YOU!!

I also want to say that I love my Mother-In-Law.  Gail you rock.  All those mother-in-law horror stories out there definitely have no basis in fact when it comes to my husband’s wonderful Mother.  Thank you for supporting us, and loving us, and giving us a great example of courageous living as you have gone through the past couple of years with such grace and dignity. 

Both Rob and I also have great women in our lives in the form of our many Grandmas.  We would not be the people we are today without the many Grandmas who have helped shape our lives.  My Grandmas Lu, Norma, and Vivian has all shown me so much in the way how to be strong and loving women of grace.  Rob’s Grandmas Verna, Carol, and Jean have all been fine examples to him and have helped him to grow into a great man, husband, and father. 

My sisters are fabulous women and mothers as well.  I am so grateful for sisters that teach their children to be kind, compassionate, respectful members of society.  Thank you for being up the challenge of motherhood.

Finally I want to just say I am grateful that my two wonderful children have allowed me the opportunity to be their mother.  I would not trade the chance I have to help them grow into wonderful people for anything in the world.  My kids are the best part of me.  I love being their mother and I am grateful that they are so forgiving as I learn and evolve into a better mother– the kind of mother they both deserve— as we grow together each day. 

MOTHERHOOD ROCKS and I love that I get to be a woman and a mother!!!!