Month: April 2009

Target Practise

 - by Hooper Family

So about a month ago Rob decided to buy an air-soft gun (without consulting me first) so that he and Craig could practise shooting together….. (since Craig is fascinated by guns and military things and weapons…etc. etc)..  He claims it was so that he can teach Craig the proper respect for weapons and guns (but I think is was just a new toy daddy wanted).

Callie has decided that she loves shooting with Daddy while Craig was unsure of the guns until today when Daddy brought two more air-soft guns home (this time he told me first).  Now we have two handguns and a rifle that will let you set it to automatic or semi-automatic.  Again these are all air-soft guns so they don’t shoot using very much force.  They spent the evening shooting at a target taped to a box in the backyard.  Callie is hooked on target practise and is probably going to end up a sharp shooter with the enthusiasm she shows for shooting with Daddy. 

Who knew what was supposed to be a male bonding thing for Craig and Rob would so quickly turn into Daddy-Daughter date time.  Callie is going to be a sharp shooting princess by the time she turns three…

I will try to remember to take a picture next time they are outside shooting so everyone can see Daddy’s gun toting princess.