Month: March 2009

Getting so smart…

 - by Hooper Family

So on Wednesday Rob and I went to school to watch Craig get his first achievement award of his school career.  He got an award for learning all his upper and lower case letters and sounds.  He has starting reading in the last month and a half as well.  He was so proud when he got his award and had the biggest grin on his face.  He loves the fact that he is doing well in kindergarten and is so cute in his excitement over learning to read now that he knows all the sounds to sound things out with.  He had is hundreds party last week as well to celebrate the one hundredth day of kindergarten.  They did a lot of activities with counting to 100 (which is a really big number to count to- just ask Craig).

Callie is turning into quite the entertainer as well.  I will have to take some video of her new dance career and post it for everyone.  She is too cute when she signs and dances along to her music and her shows.

That’s the quick update for now….