Month: January 2009

So I had to use one of “the talks” today

 - by Hooper Family

So there I was minding my own business trying to get dinner in the oven for my family.  In comes miss Callie Jo in an overly excited state.  She proceeds to declare….”Mama, Mama I got something in my nose.”  Yes I know it is a phase all parents except to hear at least once during the toddler years but twas a lesson Craig opted not to learn the hard way.  So I calmly march Callie into the bathroom to examine her nose situation.  I turn on the lights and lift up her head to get a good look and there is this yellow foreign body in her right nostril.  It is round and hard and definitely did not come from the “inside”.  I ask her what it is that I will be attempting to fish out of said nostril and get the standard two year old reply–“I don’t know.”  I then ask her how it got there and hear– you guessed it– “I don’t know” (said in that innocent voice that girls are born knowing how to use).  So I get the tweezers to start my lovely extraction and calmly give her one of the standard parent lectures (while fishing for the UFO stuck up the toddler nose)– you all know the one about why you should not stick things up your nose to begin with.  I takes several tries but Mommy is finally able to fish—- wait for it— wait for it— a pencil eraser out of her nose????  She apparently thought it would be fun to break the erasure off the bottom of a pencil and then cram the erasure up her nose.  And what do you suppose was her reaction when I got said UFO out of her nose…. No it was not, thank you, thank you Mommy.  I will never do that again.  I have learned my lesson.  All I got was “I need a drink of water.”  And off she runs to get a drink and probably search for other things to try out in her nose…..

This one definately does not have the learn from other people’s mistakes way of thinking.   


 - by Hooper Family

So I just had to say….finally.  Finally Craig let me wiggle the tooth enough this week that about fifteen minutes ago it fell out and the Tooth Fairy gets to make her first appearance at the Hooper house.  The baby tooth is safely tucked under Craig’s pillow and the big kid tooth is already a third of the way in behind where the baby tooth was until 9 PM tonight so there is not even a toothless grin right now.  Since it was wiggly for so long before falling out Craig thinks it has gone up in value and is hoping the Tooth Fairy leaves five quarters and five dollars.  That is one expensive tooth….

Three Grandmas

 - by Hooper Family

For New Years we drove up to see Rob’s family.  We were able to spend time with three grandmas and the kids had a great time.  We stayed with Grandma Carol both nights we were in town (thank you Grandma Carol we had lots of fun).  It was kind of a laid back trip just hanging out with the three different Grandmas on Rob’s side of the family.

First there is Grandma Carol

Grandma Carol

Then there is Grandma Hooper

Grandma Hooper

And last but definitely not least Grandma Gail

Grandma Gail

For New Years Eve we stayed at Grandma Carol’s condo and the kids that it was the best thing ever to look over the downtown city activities in Boise using the binoculars.  We played rousing games of Don’t Spill the Beans, Don’t Break the Ice, and everyone’s favorite Mickey Mouse Yahtzee.  Callie followed that up with a bath in Grandma’s “swimming pool” (yes the jacuzzi tub in the condo is three times bigger then her bathtub at home and three times cooler).  It was a quite New Years Eve with just the five of us but definitely a good one.

We had fun spending a few hours playing at Grandma Hooper’s house on New Year’s Eve as well.

We also got to see Grandma Gail on the way up and back.  We met her at the hospital where she works on our way to Boise and then we took her out for lunch in the mall at the Magic Valley Mall on our way back.  The kids had fun hanging out with Grandma Gail and missed her lots.

We love all our Idaho Grandmas and had a great time.