Month: December 2008

Happy Day after Christmas

 - by Hooper Family

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Ours was fun and full of family.  Callie was not feeling well yesterday so we got a slow start to our present opening extravaganza.  Luckily for Craig Santa had left his build your own light-saber kit unwrapped so he was allowed to open the box and start playing with that while Callie slept for over an hour after Craig woke up. 


Santa’s elf was tired because it took her from nine until almost 1 AM to put all the little pieces together on the kitchen (shown in the background of the above picture) that Santa had brought for Callie.  The elves then worked until about 2:30 AM finishing all the Christmas prep work so it would be nice for the kids when the woke up.  So she was not too happy when a certain big brother made her text alert on her phone go off at 6:30 AM Christmas morning even though the kids were still asleep.  Then just as I was getting back to sleep Callie woke up because she did not feel good.  She fell back asleep by me about five to ten minutes before Craig woke up excited for Christmas morning.  So Santa’s helper only got about four hours of sleep.  Oh well the kids liked their stuff so it was worth it. 

Callie had to be dragged out of bed at nine so that Craig would stop going crazy with anticipation seeing the piles of wrapped presents that were waiting for him.  Callie was not able to muster up much energy for most of the day so she looked like this most of the time……


Although you can not tell from her face she really did love all her presents and has had a blast playing with them all today now that she is feeling better.

 After opening all the presents and playing for a little bit (Callie went back to bed as soon as we let her) we went to Grandma Norma and Grandpa Joe’s for lunch and more presents.  They had a great time.  Craig really has a soft spot for Grandma Norma and loves going to her house.  Grandma made us lots of good food and we really loved spending time with everyone over there.  It was fun to see Martha’s family too. 

We got a good shot of Grandma Jody under a grand-kid pile while we were there.


After the Great-Grandparents we all headed back over to Grandma Jody and Grandpa Jay’s house.  We got to talk to Jeanne on the phone and Callie told her it was time for her to come home from Texas because she missed her so much.  It was cute.  Callie has been dying to talk with Jeanne on the phone seen she went on her mission in September so it was a nice Christmas treat for her.  We also did more presents and started the Christmas dinner.  My mom and I decided to be adventurous and try (for the first time) to cook a duck for Christmas.  It turned out very yummy.  We played board games and opened more presents.  We were able to hang out with the Keys, Wochnicks, and Bohannons for the rest of the evening and had a very good time with them all.  Callie even perked back up a little by the end of the night and had fun playing with Kaitlyn before falling asleep at the dinner table mid-bite (too bad we were all eating and did not have a camera).

All in all it was a good Christmas.  We are looking forward to heading up to Idaho to see the Burgess and Hooper clans next week for New Years since it has been a while since we spent time with Rob’s side of the family and the kids miss Grandma Gail.  Hopefully the weather is nice next week so that we can make it up that way as planned.

Ahh the Snow

 - by Hooper Family

Sledding fun So after the snow storm blew all that lovely snow in on Friday Craig decided to ask aunt Jasmine on a hot (cold) date for Saturday after lunch.  Craig wanted a sledding buddy as much as Jasmine did so it was a match made in heaven.  Callie and I tagged along as chaperons for the first part of said date (mostly cuz Callie wanted to do a little sledding too).  After Grandma picked Callie and I up to go shopping Craig and Jasmine finished up the date with more sledding, an attempted snowman (that ended up a snow mountain), a snowball fight and some nice hot cocoa and star wars to warm up.  Jasmine I hope my son was as much of a perfect gentleman as a five year old can be.

More sledding fun

Breaking news

 - by Hooper Family

Craig has a breaking new bulletin that he would like to share with the world…. Now make sure you are sitting down for this because it is BIG NEWS in the Hooper house….

Craig’s bottom tooth is loose…. LOOSE I TELL YOU… and soon it will come out and the tooth fairy brings money for that stuff.