Month: July 2008

Brandon and the Wochnick Clan

 - by Hooper Family

We spent the afternoon with Kaitlyn and Ben so that Callie and Craig could help keep Kaitlyn busy and entertained.  Brandon (Jessi’s brother in law) go hurt pretty badly at work yesterday and got to be life flighted to Salt Lake for emergency surgery to repair bleeding in his brain.  Joanna (Jessi’s sister) is keeping the family/friends updated via her blog (plus lots of phone calls of course).  She reports that Brandon is doing better today and when they brought him out of sedation he knew who he was and knew who she was so that is good news.  He is going to be at the hospital for an as of yet unknown amount of time so he can recover so Joanna and the kids are staying at my mom’s house to be closer to the hospital (and so we can all help with the kids while she is at the hospital with Brandon).  Craig and Callie took Kaitlyn and Ben to the park today and then out to dinner.  Tomorrow they invited Kaitlyn to come see Horton Hears a Who with them at the Dollar Theatre.  We have not seen that one yet and so figured why not it is only a dollar twenty-five per person and a good time for the kids.  Craig is starting to really like to go to movies in the theatre now so he is up for any movie we will agree too.  We make him earn the movie trips on his behavior chart so he has been good all week to get to Horton. 

Please keep Brandon, Joanna, and their kids in your thoughts/prayers for us as they try to figure out what is going to happen and what else will need to be done to help Brandon recover.