Month: June 2008

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

 - by Hooper Family


So I finally got around to reading Jeanne’s copy of The Host by Stephanie Meyer.  Got to say I am liking her books.  This one I liked better then the Twilight series (sorry Jasmine but I think I prefer parasites to leeches or dogs now). 

I read the book in about two and a half days and then I was mad when it was over.  I was PO-ed because I knew this was not a series book for her and I wanted it to be by the end.  The ending was predictable in the as happy as you can get in that situation ending but still I did love the characters.  Makes me want to be one of the “crazy people” since they are the only ones that survive when crazy things really do happen.  My favorite part was when Jared and Ian were “helping” Wanderer find Melanie again.  Loved picturing that series of events in my head….

Note to my Twilight loving sisters… I just looked on Stephanie Meyer’s website and her next book is going to be Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s perspective).  She has agreed to do the whole book because of fan reaction to the chapter on her website)..  Guess that means we have something to look forward to next year right?!?

We survived our fake emergency…

 - by Hooper Family

So our Stake Presidency decided that they wanted to do an emergency preparedness drill in our neighborhood.  So last Monday (6/16) we had a fake earthquake first thing in the morning.  The first two days there was no power, no water, no natural gas, no phones/Internet, and all stores/gas stations were closed.  (We were supposed to go to work like normal but try to live under emergency conditions the times we were at home.)  We could use the food out of our fridge/freezer the first day or two but after that most food would go bad from no power.  So after the first two days we had try to cook things using only things in our pantry/food storage.  On day three the water came back on but was contaminated for drinking purposes.  (We cheated on the no water rule when it came flushing the toilet with potty training kids.)  On the fourth day we got our power restored so we could cook using the oven and stove again.  We also got use of cell phones back on day four but not  land line phones/Internet.  Gas stations became open sometime around day three or four but gas prices were $7.25 and rising every day.  On day five the water was suitable for drinking again but still no stores open so cooking out of the pantry was still going on.  Natural gas was also restored on day five (I think).  On day five there were after stocks so the houses were not safe to sleep in.  We did not participate in this part because our backyard is tornup from deck construction and gardening and I am too paranoid to sleep with both kids in the front yard.  I promised the kids a camping trip sometime this summer so that they could sleep in the tent sometime soon.  On Sat/Sun the only things not back to normal were cell phones only for phone/Internet and no stores were open.  On Monday 6/23 everything was back to normal.  The kids seemed to have fun with the drill.  They thought it was great doing marshmallows over our grill outside and washing hands with our water storage bags.  They got to be outside a lot the first four days as well because it was hotter inside then outside.  We started taking family walks after dinner everyday last week and have decided that we are going to continue doing that everyday.  Overall it was an educational experience and we definitely found areas we need to work on in case we every go through a real emergency situation.  (The no power thing sucked to the most last week though.)  We did have some good tasting food using only our food storage so at least we know I can cook something in an emergency. 

The Birthday Girl

 - by Hooper Family

Callie says thank you to everyone for the great presents.  She loves them all and has been trying to play with everything (rotating every couple of minutes between new toys).  I will post pics of the birthday girl later this week.

Graduation and birthday prep…

 - by Hooper Family

So last Friday (May 30) Craig graduated from preschool.  He has been very excited about this because it means in August he turns five and can then start kindergarten.  He has to verify this information at least once a day.  The graduation ceremony was very cute and better then my high school or college ones were.  The kids all got sashes with candy hot glued to them and graduation caps made of paper products and yarn tassels.  I will post pics as soon as I remember where I left my camera.  The kids got to march down to the principle’s office where they got a suckers (dressed in graduation gear) and had their pictures taken by the tiger statue.  After that they sang the ABC song for the parents and then counted to a random number that one of the kids chose.  Next they got to have there name called and marched to get their graduation certificate.  And of course a graduation party complete with pinata following the ceremony (without parents of course).   Now why didn’t my high school get us a pinata???

 Today Craig, Callie, and I went to two parks and McDonald’s in preparation for the big 2 on Sunday.  Callie wanted a picnic (not in our front yard for a change) for her birthday.  So we went to the park by our house to play and then went through the drive through at McDonald’s for chicken nuggets and toys (what else is there??) and then went to the park by McDonald’s to eat the happy meals and play some more.  Best birthday lunch any two year old could ask for.  When we got home Callie took a nap while Craig helped me make the Cabbage Patch Kid cake for Sunday’s grand celebration.  Craig also helped me pick out some mighty fine birthday gifts for Sunday while Daddy stayed home with Callie.  Of course while at the toy store Craig saw lots of things that Callie can pick out for him come August.  Both are excited for Sunday to come now so they can eat the cake and tear open the presents.  (Don’t worry pictures shall happen of course.)