Month: April 2008

More new toys….

 - by Hooper Family

I got a new cell phone this week (Green LG enV) and am having fun playing with it.  I was also nice and added Jared to my plan so that he could finally have a cell phone (since too many siblings are still on my mom’s for Jared to be added to hers).  So if you want to talk to Jared you can now call him on his new Red Motorola KRZR phone.  He just owes me money each month or free babysitting services each month to pay for the added money it is costing me.  I prefer the free babysitting but Jared might prefer the money option… (now who would not want to watch my kids because they are sweet and wonderful and perfect all the time).  He had to turn in his paperwork for his Eagle Scout award before I would order the phone.  So his Court of Honor will be scheduled in the not too distant future (finally).  Possibly not until the end of the summer if he goes to Iowa this summer.  And now Jayne does not have to add a land line in her house just so Jared can come and watch Lexie all summer long because he will have a phone that he can use for emergencies (not that there will be any right?!?).  Kidding Jayne… Jared is a fine option for babysitting services (thus the he is my babysitting slave option in the cell phone arrangement).

Slowly growing less timid…

 - by Hooper Family

Craig played T-ball again today.  He actually participated in the whole game this time.  We had to coerce him the first inning into participating though.  He was a little nervous at first.  His team was up to bat first and he was the last person to bat (mostly because he kept saying he did not want to do it).  He saw the blue and orange bat when it got to be his turn and decided he could do it after all.  He went out on the field for the catching part and made Daddy be his human shield for the first inning.  Payback for making him afraid of the ball I guess.  By the third inning (there are only three innings in T-ball) he was actually trying to catch the ball with everyone else and he threw the ball to first base once.  He was having loads of fun by the end of the game.  Then he got to pass out the treats to his team because it was our turn to bring them this game.

Callie had lots of fun playing with another two year old that was at the game.  It is a kid from our ward that Callie goes to nursery with.  His big brother is on Craig’s team.  They chased each other up and down the side lines of the field and did a good job of wearing each other out.

I had pictures of Craig and Callie done at Target on Friday.  If you want to see how they turned out here it the link enter my first and last name and it should let you see the pictures.  I ordered some pictures and they should be here at the end of April.  I will distribute them when they arrive.

Spingtime Fun

 - by Hooper Family

So we were supposed to start T-ball on Tuesday night but it decided to snow.  Craig was disappointed that we could not go and said it should stop snowing until Christmastime now.  So instead we got to play our first T-ball game yesterday morning.  Craig was exited about the part where he got to bat but the rest of the time he looked like this:


No he is not crying just bored.  He did not want to do “the catching part”  thanks to Daddy.  Rob and Craig were practising in the yard last week and Rob decided to teach Craig that they ball wont hurt him.  So he threw the ball towards Craig (don’t worry it was softly) and it bounced off Craig’s stomach.  Now Craig is more afraid then before that the ball is going to hit him in the stomach and hurt him.  So we are going to need more practise with the catching part so Craig is not nervous about that.  He participated in about 35% of the game (which is good for Craig).  I don’t think T-ball is fast paced enough to keep his attention.  Maybe as the kids (including Craig) all get better and learn the rules Craig will have more fun.  If not oh well we tried it and he can pick something else next time.

After T-ball we did scooter riding in the front yard.  Callie now has a new pink scooter (two year old size) so that she can ride along with Craig.  She is determined to do everything that Craig can do (and more).  I think she already takes after me (at least in my younger days)- always trying to out perform the older brother (and succeeding). 

It was windy yesterday so after lunch we decided to walk to the junior high by our house and test out the Transformer kites that Aunt Jacki bought for the kids.  We flew Optimus Prime and Bumblebee around the park for about 15-20 minutes and then Bumblebee bit the dust and ripped in half (good thing they were only two dollar kites).  Optimus busted off his string so we called it a day (he can be repaired and used one more time). 


All in all is was a fun packed day spent in some finally nice springtime weather.  There are a few more pics on the other website.

Today Craig is watching Star Wars Episode Five for the sixth or seventh time in a week and a half.  Craig and Patrick were watching part of a Star Wars marathon while Jacki worked with Rob some time in the last two weeks and now Craig is hooked on Star Wars.  Good thing we own all six episodes.  Craig is partial to Five though so we have seen that one a lot.  We have been switching off with Star Wars and Princess Aurora movie (not Sleeping Beauty just a princess adventure from the Disney Princess collection that Grandma got her for Easter).  She is now torn between Diego and Princess Aurora when it is her turn to pick what to watch.  Fun times, fun times.

T-Ball Practise

 - by Hooper Family

So Craig had his T-ball skills training clinic this morning.  Sorry no pics.  I was there by myself with both kids and forgot to bring the camera.

Craig was a little awkward with all the different skills and definitely needs to practise.  This comes as no surprise though since he is not the most coordinated kid on the planet.  He is so excited because he is on the Phillies team they get to wear the blue shirts at all the games.

The coach seems really nice and hopefully as Craig gets used to how to hold the bat and the mitt he will learn to be less awkward.  He will definitely be needing some personal coaching services from Grandma Jody and practises with Daddy on a regular basis though.  He also needs to focus more on what is going on around him and not live in his own little universe as someone is trying to throw a ball to him.

At least he thinks it is fun and is excited to play.  The first game is going to be Tuesday night.

I got a new (old) laptop.

 - by Hooper Family

So Rob recently got a new laptop so that means I got his old laptop.  That is usually how it works in this house.  Rob needs a new computer or laptop and I inherit his old one (although last time I needed a new PC he got me a new new one for a change).  Rob’s hand me down computers suit me just fine because they are still nicer then anything I ever get at work.  He has to have nice ones that can do lots of fancy stuff (most of which I don’t understand).  So my current laptop is about three years old- which makes it obsolete for a programmer/network administrator but darn nice for said computer geek’s wife.  I am liking it so far.  We got most of my programs loaded on it and it will nice to have a portable machine once I am back in school.  I have to say Rob spoils us in the computer gadget department which makes anything the State buys at me see like a slow annoying piece of crap.  I does not help that all of it is manufactured by Dell because the State has a contract to get PCs and laptops from them at a good price. 

I found a really cute laptop bag on Ebay (love Ebay) for only twenty dollars to go with my new laptop.  It is black with big white, green, and pink polka dots on it.  Very cute if I do say so myself.  I would post a pic but my stupid camera battery just died and now I need to recharge it before I can tranfer any pics off of it.

Meeting Benjamin

 - by Hooper Family

Meeting Benjamin

So yesterday after Craig got done with preschool we made the great journey to the land northward to meet cousin Ben for the first time.  Craig was very excited about this because Ben is a boy like him.  Apparently that is a big deal in four year old land. 

Callie and Craig had great fun playing with Kaitlyn and exploring every toy that Kaitlyn owned.  They let me get some pictures of them holding Ben and then they were done with him because he was too little to play.  Oh well more time for me to hold the baby.  Darn. 

I can happily say that I can hold a cute little baby without the desire to have another one.  (You can thank Callie for that.  My own little adrenaline junkie is hard to keep up with.)

Others pics will be on the main website.

Sometimes I hate computers…

 - by Hooper Family

So as usual Rob is busy saving the world one computer at a time (but not too happy about some of the users of said computers).

Meanwhile I was only able to turn my computer on at work about half the time I was there today.  I had to restart twice before all my network connections would connect correctly.  Then wouldn’t you know it as soon as I went to get some water my monitor died a quick (but painful for me) death.  I did some testing myself to make sure it was my monitor that was the problem (like any good wife of a geek) and then drove home to get the laptop I use from home when I have to work.  So much for getting my paperwork caught up today. 

On the plus side Craig got lots of smiley faces on his reward charts so he got to play computer games after Callie went to bed tonight so he was happy.  

Welcome to our blog

 - by Hooper Family

Hello everyone.  First we would like to welcome baby Benjamin into the family.  We are so excited for him to be here finally.

Secondly can I just say that this blog page has proven to be the easiest to manage page of this whole stupid webpage so far.  We have been working (and by we I mean Rob of course) with tech support since March 16th to get this stupid website to display correctly….

We love you and we hope our lives are less boring to read about then Jasmine’s mundane teenage exsistence…

Love to all the family.