Yeah, Yeah, I know I am a slacker with the posting stuff

 - by Hooper Family

So we made it through the hell that was July.  Always my favorite time of year.  This particular July not only was there lots of mandatory overtime for Jessi (usual work-a-holic schedule for Rob), but a  new system at work to enter things into (full of unplanned for bugs and problems–maybe I would be more patient for things like that if I was not married to Rob and know the lack of testing/forethought that was used here), a family emergency (glad Brandon’s recovery is progressing), and a nice little search for new daycare thrown in for good measure (yeah for Jeanne going to Texas, Dallas Mission in September).  I am not entirely sure why I am not completely crazy right now.

So we think we found our new daycare providers today.  They are two sisters that run an in-home daycare together about 6-7 minutes drive from our house.  Craig and Callie both liked them and we are going to see how it goes starting August 19th.  (I think my kids are close to causing Jeanne to have a breakdown since Callie has a monster-sized two-year-old attitude right now.  Thank you Jasmine for all the lessons Callie has learned.  I think the student has surpassed the teacher now so we can quit while we are behind.) 

The kids had some fun times with various swimming parties at Uncle Scott and Uncle Clint’s houses, lots of play time with Kaitlyn (Callie’s new favorite person in the universe) and Iron-man Ben Wochnick (can you hear the power in Craig’s voice while he says it ?!?), some short trips the park for my sanity (breaks for overtime done at my home office), some fun movies Craig and Callie worked hard to earn (both kids liked Space Chimps more the Wall-E go figure), and way more happy meals then I usually let them have in the eleven other months of the year.

I did manage to read Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer on August 3-4 and loved that.  Nice way to get back some of my sanity once July was over.   So that is basically the reader’s digest version of our July.  I will try to post more pics of the kids soon.   


 - by Hooper Family

So for all the curious family people out there I think my interview went as well as it could.  I feel okay about it and now I just have to wait and see.  The supervisor that is hiring said she will be contacting the applicants that they were most impressed with for second interviews sometime after Wednesday (they are doing the first round of interviewing today and tomorrow).  So not too much to report except I bought a cute new business shirt and skirt set (with new shoes) that I thought looked good so I have some cute new clothes out of it at the very least.

New game for the blog…

 - by Hooper Family

So I have decided to make up a new game for my blog.  It is called guess where Jeanne is going to get called on her mission.  My first guess (and one I think Jeanne might enjoy and be okay with) is Australia.  Think of all the nice Australian guys she could teach and listen to talk and look at (okay maybe that mission would be too distracting).  (Ah Australian guys……..)

Craig thinks Jeanne should go to Japan because the Transformers are Japanese and she could meet Optimus Prime.  Callie just repeats over and over Jeanne leaving, Jeanne leaving so she is not very good at this game get.

So other then Jeanne’s big news most of our holiday weekend has been spent cleaning up our house and rearranging furniture so that our new bedroom and living room furniture will fit when it is delivered on Friday.  I can’t wait for the king size bed.  Now the dogs, cats, and kids will fit better without Rob and I both falling out of the bed when they all want to cuddle.

Oh yeah we did go to the zoo on Saturday with Jacki, Jeanne, Jasmine, and Jordan.  The kids always enjoy the zoo and Craig’s favorite python is still right where he left him last time he was at the zoo.  (He is always worried that the snake might not be there to look at.)

My job interview is in the morning so we shall hope for the best there.  Then once I know if I got the job or not it is on to finding new daycare places for the kids that will be okay with my work schedule and close to Craig’s school for when Jeanne leaves…… (and yes I agree with Jasmine it will not be her because she needs to go do her own thing in the world for a while).

Sorry it has been a while… no real reason for not posting

 - by Hooper Family

Hello people.  We have all been somewhat distracted which leads to me not thinking post a blog already Jessi.  Which is funny because when the rest of you go this long without a new post I am the one thinking POST A NEW SECTION ON YOUR FREAKING BLOG ALREADY.  But anyway on to catching up on all the comings and goings of the Hoopers.

Craig played his last T-Ball game of the season today.  It went fast.  I am sure your are all dying to know if he started liking it more or participating more in the games.  Here is a pic of today’s game for all you curious people….


This is Craig’s version of playing the out field.  Should Rob or I try to let him stand (or sit) out there by himself (any time this season) he would run off and hug a tree or something.  This way at least kept him near his team and he would occasionally (once every couple of games) try to catch a ball.  He still likes to bat but the out field was not his thing.  He thinks he wants to try soccer now but we will wait until he is a little older and more focused before attempting that one.

And just so she has equal blog time here is a cute one of Callie the cheerleader from today’s game….  She also liked running off from the side lines (but not to hug trees- she just liked running away and watching us try to catch up to her).


And just for fun here is a pic of Uncle Jared’s version of cheer-leading from today’s game….


Rob and the kids got me three rose bushes for our front yard for Mother’s Day (thanks Aunt Jacki for supervising the selection processes).  We got them planted and I am excited for them to start getting bigger and the flowers to grow.  My lilac bush (last year’s birthday present) is looking good this year and starting to grow bigger (which means- yeah we did not kill it) and hopefully in another year or so it will be able to have some nice blossoms on it.

So I saw a job I was interesting in posted on the State job website and I applied.  It is located at our State Office with the audit team.  I am hopeful about my chances so keep your fingers crossed for me.  The interviews should be soon because they were only taking applicants until last Thursday.  I already know a few people from my office that applied so I have some good competition.  If I get it is would mean some instate travel but would also mean a new challenge and new stuff to learn which I think I need right now.  My current job has become very routine and has not been very challenging of late.  I will let you all know how it turns out.

I will stick some other cute pics on the album page of the website for you all. 

P.S.  — Aunt Jacki we would like to invite you to go to the zoo with us next Saturday (24th) since T-ball is over… Are you busy???

I got a new (old) laptop.

 - by Hooper Family

So Rob recently got a new laptop so that means I got his old laptop.  That is usually how it works in this house.  Rob needs a new computer or laptop and I inherit his old one (although last time I needed a new PC he got me a new new one for a change).  Rob’s hand me down computers suit me just fine because they are still nicer then anything I ever get at work.  He has to have nice ones that can do lots of fancy stuff (most of which I don’t understand).  So my current laptop is about three years old- which makes it obsolete for a programmer/network administrator but darn nice for said computer geek’s wife.  I am liking it so far.  We got most of my programs loaded on it and it will nice to have a portable machine once I am back in school.  I have to say Rob spoils us in the computer gadget department which makes anything the State buys at me see like a slow annoying piece of crap.  I does not help that all of it is manufactured by Dell because the State has a contract to get PCs and laptops from them at a good price. 

I found a really cute laptop bag on Ebay (love Ebay) for only twenty dollars to go with my new laptop.  It is black with big white, green, and pink polka dots on it.  Very cute if I do say so myself.  I would post a pic but my stupid camera battery just died and now I need to recharge it before I can tranfer any pics off of it.

Sometimes I hate computers…

 - by Hooper Family

So as usual Rob is busy saving the world one computer at a time (but not too happy about some of the users of said computers).

Meanwhile I was only able to turn my computer on at work about half the time I was there today.  I had to restart twice before all my network connections would connect correctly.  Then wouldn’t you know it as soon as I went to get some water my monitor died a quick (but painful for me) death.  I did some testing myself to make sure it was my monitor that was the problem (like any good wife of a geek) and then drove home to get the laptop I use from home when I have to work.  So much for getting my paperwork caught up today. 

On the plus side Craig got lots of smiley faces on his reward charts so he got to play computer games after Callie went to bed tonight so he was happy.