Three Days and Counting

 - by Hooper Family

Craig only has three more school days left until he is done with first grade.  Everyone at our house knows the countdown since he reminds us every morning.  The kids are excited for their summer adventures.  But first some cuteness from Craig’s First Grade Program at school yesterday.  All the kids were so cute and did a great job. Callie and I really enjoyed watching them.

Have a great Memorial Weekend everyone.

Getting so smart…

 - by Hooper Family

So on Wednesday Rob and I went to school to watch Craig get his first achievement award of his school career.  He got an award for learning all his upper and lower case letters and sounds.  He has starting reading in the last month and a half as well.  He was so proud when he got his award and had the biggest grin on his face.  He loves the fact that he is doing well in kindergarten and is so cute in his excitement over learning to read now that he knows all the sounds to sound things out with.  He had is hundreds party last week as well to celebrate the one hundredth day of kindergarten.  They did a lot of activities with counting to 100 (which is a really big number to count to- just ask Craig).

Callie is turning into quite the entertainer as well.  I will have to take some video of her new dance career and post it for everyone.  She is too cute when she signs and dances along to her music and her shows.

That’s the quick update for now….

Lots to update on

 - by Hooper Family

So lots has happened since the last time I posted.  On Aug 18th Craig and I had a lovely visit with a psychologist at the Children’s with Special Health Care Needs Clinic.  He was a very nice man and we got some questions answered about Craig’s increasingly interesting problems.  Craig was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the appointment (just like I have been suspecting the problem was since about April).  What is Asperger’s Syndrome you may ask??  It is an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Follow this link for more information (this is one of the websites I like the best) .  Now we can continue trying to get the evaluation process started with Craig’s school district so that he can have a more successful transition into school.  We have met with Craig’s kindergarten teacher twice now and are excited to have her as Craig’s teacher.  She seems very informed and willing to work with us so that Craig can be successful in her class.  His kindergarten evaluation already shows that he is behind most of the children coming into his class this year so she is in the process of trying to get the school district to give her all the needed papers for a special ed referral so that we can get Craig the appropriate resources to deal with his Asperger’s Syndrome and help him catch back up.  She is have the same difficultly I did over the summer even getting the forms to start filling out from the district office but we are loving her willingness to work with us already.  If only that would begin to carry over the school district office. 

On August 19th we tackled the scary task of staring at our first non family member run daycare.  Craig did wonderfully and Callie has been having some slight transition issues.  (Who new?!?  I thought it was going to be the opposite given Craig’s problems with new things/situations.)  Craig already has a new four year old friend (a boy who likes Star Wars too).  They have been having all sorts of fun together.  There are several girls Callie’s age that love princess stuff too and they are all tackling potty training together.  Callie has fun after the first five minutes but has taken to crying for the first few minutes when we get there.  She has started doing this anytime I leave her so it is nothing personal about Beth and Carmen (our new daycare ladies).  They both tell me that she starts to have fun about five minutes into the day and is generally good for them.

Craig also had his birthday and tells me “You were right Mommy.  I am five years old now.”  I guess he did not believe me the first part of the day on his birthday or something.  He got some great presents and had a fabulous day.  Thanks to everyone that got him things.  Here is a pic of Craig and Rob doing Craig’s new “big kid size Lego’s” together.  Daddy is excited about the upgrade to the smaller size Lego’s now that Craig is getting a little older.  I am not sure which one is having more fun playing Lego’s each night. 


We also did a round with the stomach flu the last two weeks.  Callie had is for three days last week and Craig woke up this morning with it.  Hopefully he recovers more quickly then Callie because he starts his first official day of kindergarten on Wednesday. 

Rob is starting to make some good progress on the deck as well.  Yeah for Rob.