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So I have been in the mood….

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For some reason I have felt like sewing this month (using up all that spare time I should spending cleaning up my house).  I found a couple of really cute clothing patterns created by Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo that I purchased off her etsy site.  I have been using them to make some fun shirts and dresses for Craig and Callie.  (If anyone has old t-shirts that they don’t want anymore I am willing to take them off your hands to make Craig and Callie more cute clothes out of recycled tees.)

Jan 2010 005

I used Ashley’s Sienna dress pattern to make this dress for Callie and I modified the pattern to make a shirt for Craig too.  Callie is liking all the new dresses she is getting out of this deal and Mommy is liking that dresses actually stay up on her (unlike most pairs of pants I have tried to buy her in the past two years….).

We also took the kids on a nice snowy hike this month for some exercise.  They seemed to have fun and we kept it short so they would not whine about the cold too much.  Callie even hiked in one of her new dresses.

Jan 2010 002

Our Baby Girl

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Three years ago today our baby girl was born.  Lets take a look at how she has grown over the last three years she has been in our little family….

June 2006

Callie a few weeks old

June 2007

Callie turning one

June 2008

Callie turning two

And finally Callie in June 2009 (see how big she is now).  And if you ask her she is turning five so she can go to kindergarten like her big brother just did.

Princess Callie turning three

We love our wonderful, loving, crazy, beautiful, awesome Callie Jo.  We are so happy that she is a part of our family even when we don’t always seem like we like her very much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.  Happy Birthday Miss Callie Jo.

Agony… far more painful then yours

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So yesterday Craig was happily going about his business as he enjoyed the first day of summer vacation.  We rode bikes and scooters, watched his favorite show on TV, played toys, etc.  He was having so much fun and it was a good day.  (This is what he told me as he recapped the night during our ER visit).  Right before bedtime Callie and Craig were watching TV while I finished making Jasmine’s skirt.  I hear a thud and then Craig comes running over with his hand to his head saying it “it hurts really bad Mommy”.  Callie had kicked him and he fell off the couch into the coffee table successfully splitting the back of his head wide open.  Now before Uncle Jere gets to quisey with the talk of blood gushing forth this was not a bleeder and we had minimal blood loss but a gaping hole in the back of Craig’s head that required more then a band-aid.  So Daddy consoled a distraught Callie and helped me get Craig into the car.  And off we went on our first ER adventure in the young lives of our kids.  (I am sure if they are anything like their Mommy there will be sequels to this trip.)

Craig was as brave as he could be while anticipating needles and the possibility of either stitches or staples to the back of his head.  He hates needles as much as Uncle Jere and Aunt Jacki.  The ER staff were very gracious and wonderful working with him and reassuring him.  (Plus we were only there a little over an hour… Yeah.)  He did freak out during the needle to numb the head wound and the irrigation of the wound process for the nurse who was working on him and EMT that kindly helped holding him still.  But of course the minute the doctor walked in to do the staples Craig acted as if he hadn’t a care in the world.  The Doctor told him it took seven staples to put his head back together and Craig was happy to know that his skull bone was undamaged and had done its job in preventing his brain from coming out of the cut in his head.  As soon as the stapes were done a nice hospital volunteer took a picture of Craig’s head so that he could see the stapes for himself.  That was all it took to turn this from tragedy to the coolest thing ever.  Craig CAN NOT WAIT to show as many people his battle wound as possible so here you unsuspecting victims go… Craig’s seven staples in all their glory……


 And lest any of you are concerned that Craig’s life is altered no this did not stop him from enjoying the Air Show today at Hill Air Force Base.  Now I know you all were soooo worried his whole life (or at least the next ten days) was tragically ruined by his baby sister.  So here is proof that on day one of staple head Craig we were off having fun.


Daddy did a naughty thing

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So Rob decided to go for a bike ride while I was getting Craig ready for bed.  Craig looked over by our landing by our front door and noticed Daddy’s helmet sitting there.  So he picked it up to take it out to him before he left.  Well Rob was faster and already gone.  This made Craig all worried and distraught.  Because Daddy could be hurt and Craig did not know where he was to make sure he got his helmet on and was safe.  So he wanted to keep watch for Rob but it was already past his bedtime so I told him no.  Then Craig had to call him to see if he had his phone with him.  He left a voice mail telling him that he was naughty and that it was dangerous to ride a bike without a helmet and asked where he was.  Then he laid in bed worrying about Rob until he got home and came in to check in.  Craig made him promise to never ride a bike without a helmet again because he does not want to worry about him.

Now who is the parent in this house???  It was too cute.  One of the many reasons I love our son.  He is so loving and concerned about those he cares about.

Target Practise

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So about a month ago Rob decided to buy an air-soft gun (without consulting me first) so that he and Craig could practise shooting together….. (since Craig is fascinated by guns and military things and weapons…etc. etc)..  He claims it was so that he can teach Craig the proper respect for weapons and guns (but I think is was just a new toy daddy wanted).

Callie has decided that she loves shooting with Daddy while Craig was unsure of the guns until today when Daddy brought two more air-soft guns home (this time he told me first).  Now we have two handguns and a rifle that will let you set it to automatic or semi-automatic.  Again these are all air-soft guns so they don’t shoot using very much force.  They spent the evening shooting at a target taped to a box in the backyard.  Callie is hooked on target practise and is probably going to end up a sharp shooter with the enthusiasm she shows for shooting with Daddy. 

Who knew what was supposed to be a male bonding thing for Craig and Rob would so quickly turn into Daddy-Daughter date time.  Callie is going to be a sharp shooting princess by the time she turns three…

I will try to remember to take a picture next time they are outside shooting so everyone can see Daddy’s gun toting princess.

Two Months

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So here is the run down of the last two months with the Hooper Family….

September brought with it the start of Kindergarten for Craig.  He is liking school most days. (Although he has had some rough mornings trying to get him ready and through the door at school.  Once he is in the classroom he usually is good the rest of the day.)  Craig also met with the developmental pediatrician at the Clinic and she found some constipation issues which may be the cause of some of the remaining potty training struggles.  So we are treating that and things seem to be improving on that issue (yeah). 

We attended the Greek Festival and the State Fair with the sisters in September and had tons of good food at both like always.  At the fair Craig and Callie both went down the giant yellow slide and loved it.  I got to go on my first school field trip with Craig in September as well.  The kindergarten classes hosted a Teddy Bear picnic at the park by the school.  So much fun.  The kids all got to bring their favorite stuffed animal and a lunch from home that day and march to the park.  Very cute.  Of course Spider Bear went with Craig.  (See Aunt Jayne he is still loving the spider bear you got him at Build-A-Bear a couple visits ago.)  I also got my first introduction to helping with the PTA.  Craig and I helped with some fun runs on Friday mornings before school in September and October (until it started getting cold in the morning).  The kids and parents all get to come and run around a track at school and earn tickets for prize drawings to get kids excited about fitness.  Craig and I were in charge of passing out tickets as people completed their laps (one ticket per every two laps run) and then we got to draw the winning names.  We are going to pick back up in the spring when it warms up again in the mornings.  We had lots of fun and I even got Craig to start running laps the last couple of weeks. 

Of course we did the fun send Jeanne on her mission week in September as well.  We did the sister’s lunch out before she left.  It was nice to have all six of us together and just talk and eat yummy Cheesecake Factory.  That has not happened in a long time.  Then we all helped prepare Jayne’s fabulous menu of foods for the Farewell party on Sunday.  We listened to Jeanne talk in church (she did great) and then partied at Grandma Jody’s house we all Jeanne’s friends and family.  Tons of fun and we had fun getting to see all the people who came to support Sister Jeanne.  Lexie and Jayne got to help take Jeanne to the MTC and drop her off with Grandma and Grandpa while Craig had to go to school.  We did go to the circus with Aunt Jayne and Lexie that week and had lots of fun watching Callie’s clown (yes she called dibs on one of the clowns and wanted to bring him home).  We also liked watching one of the elephants poop while preforming the elephant show.  (Yes poop is in right now cuz it is cool when you are five and two.)   The baby elephant that could dance was also a hit.  We went to the zoo with Lexie too and she picked out some cute zoo outfits for all the kids to wear.  We did Chuck E Cheese with the kids too.  They also some swimming at Uncle Clint’s house during the family reunion.  Craig and Callie had lots of fun swimming and playing on the bounce house with all three of their cousins.  We love playing with Lexie, Kaitlyn, and Ben.   Overall we had lots of fun the week Jayne was here and the kids miss hanging out with Lexie and with Kaitlyn and Ben.  It was great to spent that much time with Jayne and Joanna’s families.


In October I got to start helping in Kindergarten every other Friday and am loving it.  I have to say Craig has the most awesome kindergarten teacher ever.  We love her.  She is so great with all the kids and a wonderful teacher.  Craig has been learning so much already and he is very proud to announce that he passed off his first set of sight words this month and now gets to move on the the next eight words.  He is very proud of this accomplishment. 

Grandma Gail came to visit us in October and the kids signed her up for a Chuck E Cheese adventure too.  We had lots of fun the weekend she was here and we all loved having her visit.  We have missed Grandma Gail and are glad she is feeling better.

We did tons of fun Halloween events this past week.  Craig dressed up as Knight Craig and Callie dressed up as Princess Auara (Sleeping Beauty for the princess challenged people out there).  Last Saturday we attended Boo at the Zoo with Grandma Jody, Uncle Jordan, Aunt Joanna, Uncle Brandon, Kaitlyn, and Ben.  It was lots of fun trick or treating at the zoo with the cousins and Callie especially loved walking around with her fellow princess Kaitlyn.  Craig was not doing so much walking at the zoo since two days before he sustained his first sports injury.  He sprained his knee pretty good playing Wii Fit on the Nintendo Wii.  He even had to get an x-ray done the next day at insta-care since he still could not walk on it the next day.  He is doing much better this week and was very proud of his knee bandage last week. 

After the zoo on Saturday we went downtown to the Monster Bash to support some of my coworkers.  We bought cookies and chips from their booth and did some more trick or treating.  After which we stopped by both Great Grandparent’s houses to show off the cute costumes and see how they were doing.

On Tuesday we had fun at the church trunk or treating party and the kids got to see all their friends from church in their costumes. 


On Thursday Craig had a costume parade at school followed by a Halloween party.  Then Callie and Craig had a Halloween party at daycare with Beth and Carmen (side note still loving daycare at Beth and Carmen’s- they have been great with the kids).  After that they got to come to Mommy’s office for trick or treating (since we are closed on Fridays we did the trick or treating for our kids on Thursday).

On Halloween we went trick or treating to Aunt Jacki’s office and then went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for some trick or treating with Grandma.  We stopped by Uncle Clint’s house to trick or treat on our way home cuz Craig thinks Uncle Clint is so cool because he lets Craig come swimming.  We went to a few of our neighbor’s houses then watched Ghost Hunters Live Halloween special on the Sci Fi channel since Aunt Jacki was kind enough to get both Craig and myself addicted to the show.  So cool when Grant got his jacket pulled three times in the dungeons.   

Asperger’s update:  We started using an AM and PM routine for Craig and Callie every day to help manage trying to get things done in the morning and at night without so many battles.  Seems to be helping plus it helps that they are earning money for their piggy banks for following the charts without to much argument.  Craig gets a quarter each time he does is right and Callie gets ten pennies when she does hers right. 

So that’s the happening here for now.  I added a few more pictures again to the other site so check that to see more cuteness.

Lots to update on

 - by Hooper Family

So lots has happened since the last time I posted.  On Aug 18th Craig and I had a lovely visit with a psychologist at the Children’s with Special Health Care Needs Clinic.  He was a very nice man and we got some questions answered about Craig’s increasingly interesting problems.  Craig was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the appointment (just like I have been suspecting the problem was since about April).  What is Asperger’s Syndrome you may ask??  It is an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Follow this link for more information (this is one of the websites I like the best) .  Now we can continue trying to get the evaluation process started with Craig’s school district so that he can have a more successful transition into school.  We have met with Craig’s kindergarten teacher twice now and are excited to have her as Craig’s teacher.  She seems very informed and willing to work with us so that Craig can be successful in her class.  His kindergarten evaluation already shows that he is behind most of the children coming into his class this year so she is in the process of trying to get the school district to give her all the needed papers for a special ed referral so that we can get Craig the appropriate resources to deal with his Asperger’s Syndrome and help him catch back up.  She is have the same difficultly I did over the summer even getting the forms to start filling out from the district office but we are loving her willingness to work with us already.  If only that would begin to carry over the school district office. 

On August 19th we tackled the scary task of staring at our first non family member run daycare.  Craig did wonderfully and Callie has been having some slight transition issues.  (Who new?!?  I thought it was going to be the opposite given Craig’s problems with new things/situations.)  Craig already has a new four year old friend (a boy who likes Star Wars too).  They have been having all sorts of fun together.  There are several girls Callie’s age that love princess stuff too and they are all tackling potty training together.  Callie has fun after the first five minutes but has taken to crying for the first few minutes when we get there.  She has started doing this anytime I leave her so it is nothing personal about Beth and Carmen (our new daycare ladies).  They both tell me that she starts to have fun about five minutes into the day and is generally good for them.

Craig also had his birthday and tells me “You were right Mommy.  I am five years old now.”  I guess he did not believe me the first part of the day on his birthday or something.  He got some great presents and had a fabulous day.  Thanks to everyone that got him things.  Here is a pic of Craig and Rob doing Craig’s new “big kid size Lego’s” together.  Daddy is excited about the upgrade to the smaller size Lego’s now that Craig is getting a little older.  I am not sure which one is having more fun playing Lego’s each night. 


We also did a round with the stomach flu the last two weeks.  Callie had is for three days last week and Craig woke up this morning with it.  Hopefully he recovers more quickly then Callie because he starts his first official day of kindergarten on Wednesday. 

Rob is starting to make some good progress on the deck as well.  Yeah for Rob.

Happy Birthday to me…

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So I am the proud new owner of pink kitty princess PJ pants and a pink and black tinker bell shirt thanks to the fashion styling of my two year old.  I know you are all out there just waiting for me to post a picture to confirm how fabulous I look at this very moment (yes, I had to wear them to bed tonight so as not to offend) but let me just say… never going to happen.  Callie took me shopping this morning for new clothes and we picked out some cute ones that I will be wearing in public as well as my favorite new pajamas.  Craig also went shopping with me later to get some ice-cream for the celebration and he had to get me so PJs as well (can’t be out done by the little sister) so now I have a pair of mickey mouse PJs as well.  I am set for a while in the sleepwear department.  Craig (with Daddy’s wallet and driving skills of course) took me out to a shrimp lunch.  Craig has been looking forward to that one for over a week now.  We went to Joe’s Crab Shack and had buckets full of shrimp.  Very yummy.  The kids loved it and Craig quite possibly ate more shrimp then both Rob and I did.  Callie, of course, opted for the chicken nuggets because she thinks shrimp are nasty.

Rob has been making progress (not as fast as he would like) on the new deck as well.  It should look good once he is done sometime in the hopefully near future.  It remains to be seen if we will get some BBQ time in on the new deck before it is too cold outside to do so but Rob remains optimistic that we can finish it this year.