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The Host by Stephanie Meyer

 - by Hooper Family


So I finally got around to reading Jeanne’s copy of The Host by Stephanie Meyer.  Got to say I am liking her books.  This one I liked better then the Twilight series (sorry Jasmine but I think I prefer parasites to leeches or dogs now). 

I read the book in about two and a half days and then I was mad when it was over.  I was PO-ed because I knew this was not a series book for her and I wanted it to be by the end.  The ending was predictable in the as happy as you can get in that situation ending but still I did love the characters.  Makes me want to be one of the “crazy people” since they are the only ones that survive when crazy things really do happen.  My favorite part was when Jared and Ian were “helping” Wanderer find Melanie again.  Loved picturing that series of events in my head….

Note to my Twilight loving sisters… I just looked on Stephanie Meyer’s website and her next book is going to be Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s perspective).  She has agreed to do the whole book because of fan reaction to the chapter on her website)..  Guess that means we have something to look forward to next year right?!?