Two Months

 - by Hooper Family

So here is the run down of the last two months with the Hooper Family….

September brought with it the start of Kindergarten for Craig.  He is liking school most days. (Although he has had some rough mornings trying to get him ready and through the door at school.  Once he is in the classroom he usually is good the rest of the day.)  Craig also met with the developmental pediatrician at the Clinic and she found some constipation issues which may be the cause of some of the remaining potty training struggles.  So we are treating that and things seem to be improving on that issue (yeah). 

We attended the Greek Festival and the State Fair with the sisters in September and had tons of good food at both like always.  At the fair Craig and Callie both went down the giant yellow slide and loved it.  I got to go on my first school field trip with Craig in September as well.  The kindergarten classes hosted a Teddy Bear picnic at the park by the school.  So much fun.  The kids all got to bring their favorite stuffed animal and a lunch from home that day and march to the park.  Very cute.  Of course Spider Bear went with Craig.  (See Aunt Jayne he is still loving the spider bear you got him at Build-A-Bear a couple visits ago.)  I also got my first introduction to helping with the PTA.  Craig and I helped with some fun runs on Friday mornings before school in September and October (until it started getting cold in the morning).  The kids and parents all get to come and run around a track at school and earn tickets for prize drawings to get kids excited about fitness.  Craig and I were in charge of passing out tickets as people completed their laps (one ticket per every two laps run) and then we got to draw the winning names.  We are going to pick back up in the spring when it warms up again in the mornings.  We had lots of fun and I even got Craig to start running laps the last couple of weeks. 

Of course we did the fun send Jeanne on her mission week in September as well.  We did the sister’s lunch out before she left.  It was nice to have all six of us together and just talk and eat yummy Cheesecake Factory.  That has not happened in a long time.  Then we all helped prepare Jayne’s fabulous menu of foods for the Farewell party on Sunday.  We listened to Jeanne talk in church (she did great) and then partied at Grandma Jody’s house we all Jeanne’s friends and family.  Tons of fun and we had fun getting to see all the people who came to support Sister Jeanne.  Lexie and Jayne got to help take Jeanne to the MTC and drop her off with Grandma and Grandpa while Craig had to go to school.  We did go to the circus with Aunt Jayne and Lexie that week and had lots of fun watching Callie’s clown (yes she called dibs on one of the clowns and wanted to bring him home).  We also liked watching one of the elephants poop while preforming the elephant show.  (Yes poop is in right now cuz it is cool when you are five and two.)   The baby elephant that could dance was also a hit.  We went to the zoo with Lexie too and she picked out some cute zoo outfits for all the kids to wear.  We did Chuck E Cheese with the kids too.  They also some swimming at Uncle Clint’s house during the family reunion.  Craig and Callie had lots of fun swimming and playing on the bounce house with all three of their cousins.  We love playing with Lexie, Kaitlyn, and Ben.   Overall we had lots of fun the week Jayne was here and the kids miss hanging out with Lexie and with Kaitlyn and Ben.  It was great to spent that much time with Jayne and Joanna’s families.


In October I got to start helping in Kindergarten every other Friday and am loving it.  I have to say Craig has the most awesome kindergarten teacher ever.  We love her.  She is so great with all the kids and a wonderful teacher.  Craig has been learning so much already and he is very proud to announce that he passed off his first set of sight words this month and now gets to move on the the next eight words.  He is very proud of this accomplishment. 

Grandma Gail came to visit us in October and the kids signed her up for a Chuck E Cheese adventure too.  We had lots of fun the weekend she was here and we all loved having her visit.  We have missed Grandma Gail and are glad she is feeling better.

We did tons of fun Halloween events this past week.  Craig dressed up as Knight Craig and Callie dressed up as Princess Auara (Sleeping Beauty for the princess challenged people out there).  Last Saturday we attended Boo at the Zoo with Grandma Jody, Uncle Jordan, Aunt Joanna, Uncle Brandon, Kaitlyn, and Ben.  It was lots of fun trick or treating at the zoo with the cousins and Callie especially loved walking around with her fellow princess Kaitlyn.  Craig was not doing so much walking at the zoo since two days before he sustained his first sports injury.  He sprained his knee pretty good playing Wii Fit on the Nintendo Wii.  He even had to get an x-ray done the next day at insta-care since he still could not walk on it the next day.  He is doing much better this week and was very proud of his knee bandage last week. 

After the zoo on Saturday we went downtown to the Monster Bash to support some of my coworkers.  We bought cookies and chips from their booth and did some more trick or treating.  After which we stopped by both Great Grandparent’s houses to show off the cute costumes and see how they were doing.

On Tuesday we had fun at the church trunk or treating party and the kids got to see all their friends from church in their costumes. 


On Thursday Craig had a costume parade at school followed by a Halloween party.  Then Callie and Craig had a Halloween party at daycare with Beth and Carmen (side note still loving daycare at Beth and Carmen’s- they have been great with the kids).  After that they got to come to Mommy’s office for trick or treating (since we are closed on Fridays we did the trick or treating for our kids on Thursday).

On Halloween we went trick or treating to Aunt Jacki’s office and then went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for some trick or treating with Grandma.  We stopped by Uncle Clint’s house to trick or treat on our way home cuz Craig thinks Uncle Clint is so cool because he lets Craig come swimming.  We went to a few of our neighbor’s houses then watched Ghost Hunters Live Halloween special on the Sci Fi channel since Aunt Jacki was kind enough to get both Craig and myself addicted to the show.  So cool when Grant got his jacket pulled three times in the dungeons.   

Asperger’s update:  We started using an AM and PM routine for Craig and Callie every day to help manage trying to get things done in the morning and at night without so many battles.  Seems to be helping plus it helps that they are earning money for their piggy banks for following the charts without to much argument.  Craig gets a quarter each time he does is right and Callie gets ten pennies when she does hers right. 

So that’s the happening here for now.  I added a few more pictures again to the other site so check that to see more cuteness.

We survived our fake emergency…

 - by Hooper Family

So our Stake Presidency decided that they wanted to do an emergency preparedness drill in our neighborhood.  So last Monday (6/16) we had a fake earthquake first thing in the morning.  The first two days there was no power, no water, no natural gas, no phones/Internet, and all stores/gas stations were closed.  (We were supposed to go to work like normal but try to live under emergency conditions the times we were at home.)  We could use the food out of our fridge/freezer the first day or two but after that most food would go bad from no power.  So after the first two days we had try to cook things using only things in our pantry/food storage.  On day three the water came back on but was contaminated for drinking purposes.  (We cheated on the no water rule when it came flushing the toilet with potty training kids.)  On the fourth day we got our power restored so we could cook using the oven and stove again.  We also got use of cell phones back on day four but not  land line phones/Internet.  Gas stations became open sometime around day three or four but gas prices were $7.25 and rising every day.  On day five the water was suitable for drinking again but still no stores open so cooking out of the pantry was still going on.  Natural gas was also restored on day five (I think).  On day five there were after stocks so the houses were not safe to sleep in.  We did not participate in this part because our backyard is tornup from deck construction and gardening and I am too paranoid to sleep with both kids in the front yard.  I promised the kids a camping trip sometime this summer so that they could sleep in the tent sometime soon.  On Sat/Sun the only things not back to normal were cell phones only for phone/Internet and no stores were open.  On Monday 6/23 everything was back to normal.  The kids seemed to have fun with the drill.  They thought it was great doing marshmallows over our grill outside and washing hands with our water storage bags.  They got to be outside a lot the first four days as well because it was hotter inside then outside.  We started taking family walks after dinner everyday last week and have decided that we are going to continue doing that everyday.  Overall it was an educational experience and we definitely found areas we need to work on in case we every go through a real emergency situation.  (The no power thing sucked to the most last week though.)  We did have some good tasting food using only our food storage so at least we know I can cook something in an emergency.